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Towers are the things you use to stop the bloons from reaching the exit of the track.There are multiple types of Tower.1 Direct 2 A.O.E.3 Debuffer 4 Buffer 5 Energy 6 Defence 7 Caster 8 Secret Agents Dart Monkey Sniper Super Monkey Dartling Gun Monkey Apprentice Ninja Cannon Mortar Monkey Buccaneer Boomerang Thrower Ice Tower Glue Gunner Monkey Village Banana Farm Spike FactoryTowers Bloons Tower Defense 6 Wiki FandomThere are 19 Towers as of release,fitting into 4 categories; Primary,Military,Magic,and Support.These 4 categories are separated for Monkey Knowledge upgrades,as well as difficulty modifiers (primary only,military only,etc.).1 Primary 2 Military 3 Magic 4 Support Dart Monkey Boomerang Monkey Bomb Shooter Tack Shooter Ice Monkey Glue Gunner Sniper Monkey Monkey SubSuper Monkey The Vandal Free Bloons Wiki FandomThe Super Monkey is a very fast shooting tower that can mow down the toughest of bloons.It has insanely powerful upgrades and it's Special Attack,Bloon Annihilation,can destroy any bloon within a short radius of itself.1 The insanely powerful upgrades to the Super Monkey Upgrades 1.1 Path I 1.1.1 Laser Vision $2950 1.1.2 Plasma Blaster $4250 1.1.3 Sun God $14500

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This page has strategies for beating Spring Spring.There is enough space where the bloons split to put a Monkey Sub between the paths.You can fit two Banana Farms on the bottom right piece of land.Sub Commander spam works well at the back of the map.Do this with the 2-0-5 crosspath and make sure there's a tower where the bloons first appear.Spiked Ball Factory Bloons Wiki FandomFor the BTD6 counterpart,see Spiked Balls.Spiked Ball Factory is the third upgrade for Path 1 of the Spike Factory in Bloons Tower Defense 5,costing $2040 on Easy,$2400 on Medium $2590 on Hard and $2880 on Impoppable.It makes the Spike Factory produce spiked balls that pop 16 bloons (20 on Mobile) each and do three times the damage to Ceramic Bloons.The spikedSpike-O-Factory Btd6 Wiki FandomThe Spike-O-Factory is the Specialty Building for the Spike-O-Pult.Costs 400 Tier 1 Reduces the cost of Spike-O-Pults by 5% Costs 500 Tier 2 Increases attack speed of Spike-O-Pults by 10% Costs 600 Tier 3 You get 1 free Spike-O-Pult to start and every 10 rounds Costs 800 Tier 4

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Add a photo to this gallery A Spike Factory Warehouse is a Unit Building in Bloons Monkey City and Bloons Monkey City Mobile.Upon construction,it unlocks one Spike Factory.Spike Factory The Vandal Free Bloons Wiki FandomThe Newest tower in Bloons Tower Defense,the Spike Factory is a defensive tower that throws out piles of five Road Spikes on the track.It can be upgraded toSpike Factory Bloons Wiki FandomThe main role of the Spike Factory is to produce spike piles across its range to pop bloons.In this way,many of its upgrade serve in primarily cleanup roles.In addition,the Spike Factory can pop camo bloons by default,making it an effective option at countering early-game camo bloons.The cost of the base Spike Factory

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The spike factory is a tower in Bloons TD Alpha.It lays spikes along the track.Excellent last line of defense.It is classified as a technology tower.1 Upgrades 1.1 Path 1 1.2 Path 2 1.3 Path 3 1.4 Path 4 Bigger stacks 10 tacks per stack instead of only 5 per stack White hot Spikes spikes can pop lead bloons spike balls spike balls do more damage to ceramics spike mines spikeSpike Factory (BTD8 HTP) Bloons Conception Wiki FandomThe Spike Factory makes a return inBloons Tower Defense 8as the sturdy support tower that we all know and love.Dispens a pile of 5 spikes every 2 seconds.It might not be the most exciting tower,but it most certainly gets the job done.1 Upgrades 1.1 Path 1 1.2 Path 2 1.3 Path 3 Path 1 of the Spike Factory focuses on the amount of damage each spike does,eventually creating SpikedSpike Factory (BTD7PotA) Bloons Conception Wiki FandomSpike Storm Ability Shoots out a thick layer of spikes over the entire track.$6,500 11,000 Carpet Of Spikes Sets a carpet of spikes over the whole map,twice every round.$100,000 35,000 Spike Moshpit.Carpet of spikes activates 3 times per round.Each spike inflicts 100x damage to MOAB-Class Bloons.$3,252,928 35,000

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PrioritiesTipsStrategyTrivia Normal Places spikes like a normal Spike Factory.Close Places spikes at the track part nearest to the Spike Factory.Far Places the spikes on the track part the least close to the Spike FactorySmart Attacks bloons in the most optimal position possible by dispersing spikes directed at the bloon that the Spike Factory considers optimizes its power.By default,it places spikesSpiked Mines Bloons Tower Defense 5 Wiki FandomSpiked Mines is the last upgrade on the first path for the Spike Factory.It produces spikes twice as fast and explode when the spiked mines lose all their spikes,popping 4 layers for each explosion.This tower is highly recommended for popping Ceramic Bloons due to its ability to strip of 3 layers of the ceramic layer at once and its great See results only from bloons.fandomSpike Factory Bloons Tower Defense X Wiki Fandom1 Overview 2 Upgrades 2.1 Tips 3 Advantages/Disadvantages 3.1 Advantages 3.2 Disadvantages The Spike Factory creates piles of spikes within its range.At first each pile contains 3 spikes but it can be upgraded to have more spikes per pile.Costs $750.Total to fully unlock 88 Can pop camo by default.Can pop lead with all upgrades tier 3 and beyond.Can damage HTAs with allRelated searches for Spike Factory Bloons Wiki Fandombloons fandom wikibloons fandombloons td fandombloons wikiSome results are removed in response to a notice of local law requirement.For more information,please see here.Previous123456Next

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Spiked balls from Spike Factory can pop lead and frozen bloons because the White Hot Spikes upgrade allows the Spike Factory to produce hot spikes,popping lead and frozen bloons,and because this the Spiked Ball Factory's spikes are hot. Bloons Tower Defense 5 Wiki is a FANDOM Games Community.People also askCan spike factory be upgraded?Can spike factory be upgraded?With the correct upgrades,the Spike Factory can be quite a versatile tower,as it can be upgraded to combat Lead Bloons,frozen Bloons,and deal extra damage to Ceramic Bloons/MOAB-class bloons,whilst not being overly dependent on a Monkey Village 's benefits in order to combat these Bloon types.Reference bloons.fandom/wiki/spike_factory results for this questionWhat is spike factory?What is spike factory?None (BTD4),M (BTD5) The Spike Factory is a tower that produces Road Spikes on the track that pop bloons and disappear at the end of each round that made its debut in Bloons Tower Defense 4.Reference bloons.fandom/wiki/spike_factory results for this questionWhat is Bloons wiki?What is Bloons wiki?Bloons Wiki is a wiki about Bloons Games Bloons Tower Defense Games,video game series for phones,tablets,and web browsers developed by Ninja Kiwi.Bloons Wiki serves as a resource for players of these games.Bloons Games are single-player browser games (flash games) about a monkey that pops balloons (called bloons in all series).Bloons Wiki FandomMonkey Buccaneer Bloons Tower Defense X Wiki Fandom1 Overview 2 Upgrades 2.1 Tips 3 Advantages/Disadvantages 3.1 Advantages 3.2 Disadvantages The Monkey Buccaneer is the second of the two water towers in BTDX,firing heavy darts that pop up to 5 bloons at once.Costs $600.Total to fully unlock 77 Can pop camo with all upgrades tier 2 and up.Can pop lead with all stacked upgrades,and the cannons and harpoons from all

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MOAB-SHREDR Spikes is the third upgrade on path 2 for the Spike Factory.It makes the Spike Factory produce spikes that do 4 damage per spike to M.O.A.B.Class Bloons.It also allows to shoot twice as fast.Trivia [edit edit source] SHREDR is an acronym for Super Hard Rending Engine Driven Razors.MOAB Bloons TD 6 Trakoos Wiki FandomThe MOAB (Massive Ornary Air Blimp) is the weakest MOAB class bloon.To pop it,you will need towers that have a high damage.An easy way of popping MOABs is using 3-x-x Monkey Aces.Ice Tower Bloons Tower Defense 5 Wiki FandomThe Ice Tower.The Ice Tower is a tower in Bloons Tower Defense 5.It freezes Bloons for a short time,also stopping them from moving.Cannot pop Bloons unless upgraded,and cannot freeze White Bloons and Zebra Bloons without either using tier III Ice Fortress,or using Absolute Zero ability.Tier 4 upgrade unlocked at rank 26.

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Factory Staff are the 2nd enemy in Area 2,they follow the Swan Pirates in Quest order.They are scattered around the factory.They spawn with a random fruit (Bomb,Smoke,or Spike) and their fists deal 648.5 damage per hit.These are the enemies you grind before fighting the boss Jeremy.Logia takes effect at level 820 (They can still hit you using fruit moves).Dartling Gun The Vandal Free Bloons Wiki FandomThe Dartling Gun is a tower that attacks at about half the speed of a Super Monkey,but has infinity range,and can be controlled.It is basically a monkey with a rotary cannon.1 Upgrades 1.1 Path I 1.1.1 Focused Shooting $250 1.1.2 Faster Barrel Spin $1200 1.1.3 Laser Cannon $5150 1.1.4 Ray of Doom $55000 1.2 Path II 1.2.1 Powerful Shots $510 1.2.2 DepletedCategory:Bloons Tower Defense VS Battles Wiki FandomFandom Apps Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat.DD Beyond

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Bloons are recurring antagonists in Bloons TD.These pages are home to all the bad guys.Category:Bloons TD 5 Bloons Tower Defense 5 Wiki FandomSpike Factory; Spike-o-pult; Spiked Mines; Splodey Darts; Summon Super Phoenix Ability; Sun God; Super Monkey; Super Monkey Fan Club; Super Monkey Lair; Super Monkey Storm; Bloons Tower Defense 5 Wiki is a FANDOM Games Community.View Mobile Site Cash per round Bloons Tower Defense X Wiki FandomThis article shows how much cash you make every round in version 1.5.1.Currently,there is only data for normal mode,data for others will be added in the future.Note that leaks do not affect income.Normal Start - 750 Round 1 - 121 Total - 871 Round 2 - 132 Total - 1003 Round 3 - 139 Total - 1142 Round 4 - 168 Total - 1310 Round 5 - 185 Total - 1495 Round 6 - 198 Total -

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The Cannon is an A.O.E.Tower that fires bombs.Bombs can't pop Black Bloons or Zebra Bloons.1 Upgrades 1.1 Path I 1.1.1 Extra Range Bombs $200 1.1.2 Frag Bombs $300 1.1.3 Cluster bombs $800 1.1.4 Bloon Impact $3400 1.2 Path II 1.2.1 Bigger Bombs $350 1.2.2 Missile Launcher $350 1.2.3 M.O.A.B.Mauler $770 1.2.4 M.O.A.B.Assassin $2720 BombsBloons Wiki FandomMar 12,2020 Spike Factory Bloons Wiki Fandom#0183;Spiked Balls is the 3rd upgrade of Path 1 for the Spike Factory in BTD6.It is a returning upgrade that corresponds to Spiked Ball Factory in BTD5.Like Spiked Ball Factory,the Spiked Balls upgrade replaces standard spike piles with spiked balls that pop up to 17 bloons per ball,but each spike now deals 2 damage to all bloons,as well as +3 damage toBloons Tower Defense X Wiki FandomWelcome to the Bloons Tower Defense X Wiki! Bloons TDX is a fan-made take on ninjakiwi's Bloons Tower Defense games,created by ramafparty.Unlike BTD5,towers in BTDX have four different upgrade paths and five tiers - though only the first three tiers for the basic three paths are unlocked initially.

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Bloons Tower Defense Wii is a game in the Bloons series.It's the first not to be created by NinjaKiwi and the first not to be an online game.1 Modes 2 Tracks 3 Bloons 4 Stuff to Buy 5 Trivia 6 Gallery Easy Medium Hard Sandbox Apocalypse DeflationTracks of Light Sun Star Intermediate Cloud at Sunset Intermediate Tracks of Darkness Night Trail Beginner NightBloons TD Battles Tower Defence Wiki Fandomseries.1 Bloons Tower Defense Series 2 balloons (known in the series as Bloons).All the graphics are reused from Bloons TD5.2.1 Attackers .Bloons TD 8 BTDandPVZ Wikia FandomNote This fangame takes the existence of the fangame Bloons TD 6 into account,so I suggest that you look at that page before viewing this one.Also,going off said page's canonicity,the real Bloons TD 6 would technically be Bloons TD 7 here.Bloons Tower Defence/Defense 8 is the eighth instalment of the Bloons Tower Defence franchise,released by Ninja Kiwi in

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The yellow stripes on the factory become red.Spike Coverage (600) Increases range.The factory gains more yellow stripes.White Hot Spikes (900) Spikes can pop Lead Bloons.The factory becomes grey.Requires Spike Coverage.Spike Ball Factory (2400) Creates Spike Balls,which cause more damage to Ceramics,instead of spikes.The factory Bloons TD 6 Free Admin Wiki FandomJun 13,2018 Spike Factory Bloons Wiki Fandom#0183;The variety of modes in Bloons TD 6 allows players to play the same map in many different ways,making the game more diverse than previous installments in the Bloons TD series.Upon completing a game,players will get a certain amount of Monkey Money based on the difficulty of the map chosen,and the mode chosen.Bloons - Nintendo Fanon Wiki FandomBloons Tower Defense 6 is the sixth game in the Bloons Tower Defense series.It introduces an upgrade style similar to BTD3,where there are two paths of two upgrades,but a fifth upgrade can be unlocked by buying all four.Other new features include the Purple,Brown,Giraffe,and Flowering Bloons.It also introduced the LBC (Lead Bloon Carrier) and the DDB (Dooms Day

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1 Overview 2 Upgrades 2.1 Tips 3 Advantages/Disadvantages 3.1 Advantages 3.2 Disadvantages 4 Trivia The Bloonchipper is a tower that sucks in bloons and pops them before spitting them back out.Costs $600.Total to fully unlock 81 Can pop camo with 4L,5L,5R,any stacked upgrade,and all abilities.Can pop lead with any upgrade tier 2 or better.Can damage HTAsBloonarius the Inflator Bloons Tower Defense 5 Wiki FandomIf he appears on a map with water,attempt multiple x/1 Monkey Buccaneers.A 3/1 could work too,but you need $2500+.If on land,attempt a Heli Pilot and Dart Monkey.Get a 2/3 Spike factory instead of a 1/3 or 0/3 if you plan on using Spike Factories.This is to deal with the Lead Bloons.Bloon idea Wiki FandomYour bloons ideas here! This wiki was created because the Bloons Fanon wiki was overloading and the Bloons Wiki idea pages were deleted.Whatever you do,just don't click here or this wiki will be deleted! Warning Don't join Bloons Wiki because of an Admin named Juicestain.Join this wiki instead 03:01,April 6,2012 (UTC)--I am going on vacation and will be back on Tuesday:)

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This thread is for the upcoming BTD5 in late 2011.Ideas are as shown.Note BTD 5 is released.These are fanon ideas,and upgrades.1 Bloons/Zeppelins 2 Towers/Gadgets/Summons 3 Modes/Difficulty/Premium Upgrades 4 Maps 5 Rounds S.Z.I.(Supreme Zeppelin Intruder) Contains 4 B.F.B.'s,and takes 600 hits to destroy.(12137 RBE) (out and is called ZOMG)BAD Bloons TD 6 Trakoos Wiki FandomThe BAD (Big Airship of Doom) is the strongest bloon in the game (excluding Fortified BADs).It has 20 000 health and a very slow speed.It is also immune to all slowing effects,stuns and knockbacks.You will need towers with extremely high damage to pop it.The easiest way to pop a BAD is using x-4-x Monkey Subs (Two First Strikes will completely destroy a BAD).

The main strength of all Spike Factories come from their stockpiling power,and

results for this questionWhat is the range of the spike factory in monkey city?What is the range of the spike factory in monkey city?In Bloons Monkey City,the range of the Spike Factory is the range it had when placed.This means that when you place a Spike Factory and then a Monkey Village upgraded 1/0,it will only produce spikes inside the original range.If you place the Monkey Village first,the range will be increased.Reference bloons.fandom/wiki/spike_factory results for this questionFeedbackCategory:Spike Factory Bloons Wiki Fandom

Category:Spike Factory Bloons Wiki Fandom.Games Movies TV Video.Wikis.Explore Wikis; Community Central; Start a Wiki; Search This wiki This wiki All wikis Sign In Don't have an account? Register Start a Wiki.Bloons Wiki Bloons Wiki is a FANDOM

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